Top 5 keys to ensuring your New Year's resolutions are acheived in 2010

Now is the time for everyone to get ready for the New Year... Time to write your goals and dreams down for the year and start implementing the tasks to making them happen. Before you write them down this year, let's dig a little deeper into really achieving them. As known in The Slight Edge, Secrets to a Successful Life, it is not just writing down these important things but it is staying consistent with actions daily to making them happen. Instant gratification is a very sad concept this world has grown to need and feel is necessary to prove success. Which honestly is not at all included in the road to success by any means. The road to success or happiness can be a hard, difficult one. But remembering that it is the journey and never giving up is what counts will ensure you achieving these successes and achievements you dream of.

With that said we wanted to share a few key concepts and tasks to implement with these New Years resolutions of yours. So not only writing down and thinking of what you want to achieve this year but now actually sticking with them and making them happen can be accomplished successfully.

The Top 5 Keys to ensuring your New Year's Resolutions in 2010:

1. To know and believe you will achieve your goals and dreams. Make it your focus and visualize making them happen and they will. Put your heart, dedication and determination into whatever resolutions you make. Do whatever it takes to make them happen, do not let any wall, obstacle or hard time stand in your way. A great way to enforcing this mindset is learning more about The Secret.

2. Staying realistic but still reach for the stars. Make high goals so when you achieve them (even if it is not as high as you wanted it to be when you get there) you will still be proud of yourself and know it was worth it! Making high goals that are still realistic make your achievements that much higher and allow you to achieve more than you thought possible as to opposed to aiming low. Aiming low will ultimately not get you where you want to be.

3. Action, action, action. Put forth the tasks, work, dedication and determination that is necessary to achieving your goals and dreams. Write down a game plan and stick with it on a daily basis. Ensure you are working towards them everyday even when you do not feel like it. Make it a priority in your life just like your children and family. It has to be on the top of your list no matter what.

4. Consistency is key. With any resolution, goal or dream you might have... it is those who do not stick with it consistently are the ones who do not achieve these goals that they so awfully want to make happen. What happens is many will get excited and get those goals in action mode. Then a week goes by and they do not see instant gratification and they give up or gradually stop working towards it. This is where consistency in life and in your goals is necessary to achieving them. Also, understanding it will not happen over night and will take time is a great deal apart of staying consistent achieving success.

5. Personal Growth and Development. Learn about you, grow yourself daily as a person. Doing this will allow you to work towards your resolutions, goals and dreams with the positive feeling and mindset to making them happen. This includes utilizing audios, books, movies, seminars, etc. Just doing something on a daily basis to grow and learn. You can find many ways of Personal Growth and Development here.

As you can see these are just a few things you can do to ensure your success of any resolution set in your mind and heart. There are many ways to ensuring you achieve these but remembering it does go much deeper than writing them down and starting them... It is finishing them is what counts! Giving up is not an option and if you have to fail your way to the top, you better do it to make those goals and dreams come true. Happy New Year and may you have the strength, perseverance, consistency and most of all... the heart and passion to achieving your goals and dreams in 2010!

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